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dotcanuck Web Services provides many web services including Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting.

Web Hosting
dotcanuck Web Services offers a selection of Web Hosting packages to meet the needs of any organization.

Packages start as low as $9.95 Canadian per month!

All Web Hosting packages are risk-free:

  • No setup fee
  • No time commitment contract
  • First month free
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Domain Name Registration
Our simple and affordable domain name registration service is the first step in establishing a new web presence. We offer several domain name options, including:

  • BIZ - A new business-oriented TLD.
  • CA - The Canadian TLD.
  • COM - The most popular TLD in existence.
  • INFO - A new TLD, very marketable for information web services.
  • NAME - Your own .name, on the web!
  • NET - The original alternative to .com, this TLD is experiencing a rebirth with the introduction of Microsoft's .NET suite of programs.
  • ORG - One of the original TLDs, largely used by not-for-profit and other organizations.
  • TV - The TLD for Tuvalu, a small pacific Island nation. Luckily for the country their TLD is synonymous with the common abbreviation for North America's favourite passtime, Television.
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