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About dotcanuck Web Services

dotcanuck Web Services provides Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration services. These services were developed to be simple, convenient and competitively priced. We keep prices low by keeping our overhead down, not by compromising service. You can always expect the highest quality service for all our products!

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Web Hosting

We host websites for hundreds of clients in every category: businesses, personal websites, government agencies, and a myriad of organizations (professional, employee/union, volunteer, special interest, etc.).

We have the package that is right for you, and will work with you each step of the way to ensure a smooth transition from an existing hosting provider.

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Domain Name Registration

Our simple and affordable domain name registration service is the first step in establishing a new web presence. Registration times vary, but usually take less than 10 minutes.

TLD Description
.biz A new business-oriented TLD.
.ca The Canadian TLD.
.cc A popular alternative to .COM.
.com The most popular TLD in existence.
.info A new TLD, very marketable for information web services.
.name A new TLD devoted to people's name.
.net The original alternative to .com, this TLD is experiencing a rebirth with the introduction of Microsoft's .NET suite of programs.
.org One of the original TLDs, largely used by not-for-profit and other organizations.
.tv The TLD for Tuvalu, a small pacific Island nation. Luckily for the country their TLD is synonymous with the common abbreviation for North America's favourite passtime, Television.

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About The Company

dotcanuck Web Services is a wholly-owned web services division of TransitionalMedia Inc.

We are a CIRA Certified Registrar.


Privacy and Disclaimer

TransitionalMedia Inc. has established very high privacy standards. Read the corporate privacy policy for all TransitionalMedia websites.

TransitionalMedia also has a standard disclaimer applying to usage of all TransitionalMedia websites.